The day is past

No challenges, I told myself. But there are always exceptions, aren’t there? Earlier this week I was walking along the revamped promenade at Olhão and wondering what Becky would make of it on her return. Sunset on water is so beguiling, isn’t it? This one came at the end of a packed day, in which we’d walked high in the hills above Tavira, lunched on toasties on the waterfront at Santa Luzia, driven to Faro for a little present shopping, and were heading wearily home when I suggested stopping for supper in Olhão. My son James hadn’t been there for many years, and approved the changes. He also enjoyed the Mexican food.

It’s raining softly this morning but it’s welcome rain, and I’m sure it won’t deter her on arrival. Welcome back, hon!

Past Squares

77 thoughts on “The day is past

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  2. Lovely sunset at the end of what sounds like a wonderful day. I know what you mean about challenges, but I do my one-a-day post regardless and I find sometimes challenges help me plan ahead. As to growing the blog, I’m probably the world’s worst at that. I really don’t look at my stats and the like so I basically have no idea what’s going on.

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  3. a glorious welcome back, thank you Jo. I think if we had not known about the changes that were coming it would have been a bit of a shock – but we had looked at the plans in detail and of course the road work had started before we left in 2019. So so far happy with all the changes, and of course there are still many glorious parts of Olhao that retain its original and fabulous charm. So a very happy pumpkin here 🙂


    • That’s good to know! I think they’ve done a good job, but it needs to extend into the lives of ordinary people and not just the tourists. So long as the revenue is well spent. Let’s face it, they have a glorious canvas to work with. Wonderful to have you back. Enjoy a bit of peace before we start pestering you.


      • Oh they have from what I have read, as lots is happening else where in the town. Think the locals must be must happy as they re-elected the mayor but will get all the inside gossip from our Olhanese friends this week

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  4. I’m like Sarah. I would only do a challenge if it fits how I want my blog to be. Becky’s is fun and I can make her challenge fit my travel themes and I do Jude’s colour one when the photos work. I’m not really interested in seeking out other challenges to take part in. Your blog is for you so make it how you want it to be. These sunset photos are wonderful and I’m sure Becky will be thrilled to be there again, rain or no rain.

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    • I love the way we read and respond to each other’s comments, Carol. Blogging is so much more than producing a post, isn’t it, and Becky is masterly at weaving it all together. Her lovely personality is what drew me to her in the first place. It’s still seriously early here- I hate the clock change, it always disorientates me- and there are clouds mingling with a sliver of moon. She’ll be happy to be here, but I don’t know if she’ll approve the ‘new’ Olhao.

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  5. All beautiful–words and photos. I hope your weekend is off to the same beautiful start. Speaking of presents, we in the US were thrilled to find out that from October to the end of the year, our post office system, already slow as well as deeply in financial trouble, is charging more for packages while assuring us that they will take longer to deliver. What?? I’m heading back to southern California for a week Monday, so I organized and wrapped all the gifts for our daughter and son-in-law so I could take them along. Felt more than a bit odd but as one of the gifts is a 12″ cast iron pan, I’ll at least offset the also higher (and in California horrendously high) cost of gas by taking it and everything else along. I’ll work on our younger daughter’s gifts when I get back and get them in the mail so they can languish for weeks but be assured to arrive in time. 🙂



  6. I’m glad you made an exception to share this gorgeous sunset! I know what you mean about challenges – I love doing them but I don’t join if I can’t fit a theme to my core topics of travel and photography, so my challenge posts are mostly things I would post anyway, in due course 🙂


    • It was always the same for me, Sarah. You can usually turn a theme to suit a story, but the challenge system is largely to grow your blog, and I feel I’ve already done that with Restlessjo. I wasn’t sure what time Becky would arrive but it’s damp and grey at the moment. I wanted to remind her how it will look in a day or two. 🤗☔💕


  7. Nice photos, Jo. Gorgeous colours. Sometimes the pull to tie into a challenge is just too strong. I currently only post at weekends, and challenges are all I seem to do at present! 😊


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