Jo’s Monday walk : street art and a little wine

Isn’t this the most striking image? And absolutely not where I expected to find it. When my youngsters visit, I always try to find something a bit special to do. So it was that we were walking through Silves, en route to a wine tasting. It’s a favourite town of mine and I do enjoy a stroll through the narrow streets, looking out for any painted electricity box that I might have missed. I found a few!

It’s a beautiful setting, with fountains below and dramatic castle perched up high. And my daughter was heard to say ‘Ooh, look! This blue building matches my hair’. She wasn’t wrong!

We had decided that it was a good idea to have a substantial meal before embarking upon a wine tasting, and I had found just the place. O Porco Goloso, or The Pig Gourmet, almost shouted at us as we drove past it into town, and my daughter was highly amused by the name. It proved a great choice, both for the food and the welcome. So much so that I’m going back there for my birthday, on Friday. But that’s another story! And so, to the wine tasting….

We had been to the area tasting wine previously, and knew that the terroir produced good wines. Looking for something a little different, I chanced upon Convento do Paraiso. Boating up the Rio Arade a couple of years ago, we had gazed at the surrounding vineyards and wondered who lived behind the walls of the gated properties. We were about to find out.

That’s Silves in the background

Not sure if we could walk up the lane to the vineyard, we collected the car and crossed over Ponte Romana, turning right and staying close to the river. When we reached the forbidding gates there was no obvious means of entry, so we carried on around the side of the property. Newer gates didn’t encourage entry either, so I gave up and phoned for help. Vanessa answered cheerfully and within minutes drove up and let us in. The tour began, right there among the vines. It was a hot day for October, with just a trace of breeze. The harvest had been completed back in August, but Vanessa encouraged us to trawl the vines, looking for tasty specimens. With a little effort we found, tasted and pronounced our verdict. And then back into the car to escape the heat, down at the wine cellar.

The current owners of Quinta de Mata-Mouros, as the farm was known, are Vasco Pereira Coutinho and his family. The building was formerly a convent, dating from the 12th century, and there would have been some vines there even in those times. However, in 2012, Coutinho joined forces with the Soares family and they set about developing fine wines, using traditional processes but combining them with modern technology. The results are very fine indeed.

We tasted both the still fermenting wine and a selection from the red, white and rose available. The surroundings were beautiful, and our young hostess couldn’t have been kinder. We chatted for quite some time, and established that she was new to the wine trade but keen to learn, and enjoying every moment. That much was very evident. There are already plans for accommodation in the grounds, and in time this will be a wedding venue. I’ll be back to see how it develops. Meanwhile, I really can’t leave you again without cake.

How did he describe it? A kind of zabaglione cake? Anyway, it was delicious. And my husband always likes a good apple pie.

That’s it till next time! Have a great week!

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Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks- William Bay National Park, Denmark

No more visitors on the horizon, but life is still very busy. I’m planning to post a fortnightly walk, and still have lots of stories to share. Take good care of yourselves till then!

Monday Mural

119 thoughts on “Jo’s Monday walk : street art and a little wine

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  3. What could be better than taking a walk around a vineyard in the sun with a taster afterwards? One thing that might distract me from a glass of wine and a slice of cake is a mural like the one you featured. Fantastico!


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  7. Happy belated birthday, and thanks for sharing these great murals and painted electrical boxes. I would never have known what they were if you hadn’t said something. You found so many beautiful places on your walk. I have to say that I’m pretty jealous of that turquoise building. It’s not only a pretty color, but it’s a fancy design as well. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful birthday week or might as well take the month. I always do. πŸ™‚ Lots of love for a beautiful year of life ahead of you.


    • A little sad for that blue building, as we knew it when it was sparkling newly tiled. Nothing stays the same though, and certainly not me! Still trying to keep pace with life, Marsha. Thanks so much for your lovely wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You SET the pace, my friend. You inspire us all, and take us where we can’t go on our own and we take you places you can’t go. That is the joy of blogging. (one of many) Vince and I have a friend who just floors us with her pace. It’s enough to be intimidating, and she’s good at EVERYTHING. And she’s fun, and has or makes time for people and goes over and above with everything she does. I have to give myself a pep talk every time we even talk about her. But she’s such a love, I guess I have to forgive her for having so much more going on in her life than I even want to have.

        Liked by 1 person

    • It was pretty good, Madhu. Wonderful to see the town floodlit on a night, and today we managed an interesting levada walk before coming home. Cake? Well, it was a birthday! Thanks, hon.


  8. Happy Birthday Jo, even if I am a little late with the greeting. I hope you had a lovely day and evening. The street art is great, I love Bob Marley and the other electricity boxes but my favourite just has to be the first one, it’s stunning πŸ™‚


    • I’m back in Silves, Eunice, and we had a very interesting levada walk this morning. Just sitting a while before we head home. A lovely weekend in total and the sunshine is wonderful, thanks πŸ€—πŸ’•


  9. happy birthday RESTLESS JO
    and the top photo for me in this post was the one with your daughter – her hair matches perfectly and the photo is so tasty – the doors and shadows –
    also – the adventure sounds great and like a nice place to go on Friday for the bday


  10. Such beautiful and sunlit photos, Jo. I love places like Silves that has been busy brightening up their streets thanks to the brilliant graffiti artists. The murals certainly add even more drama and colour to an already vibrant and fascinating area. Thanks for sharing and I hope all is well with you and your family πŸ™‚ Aiva xx


  11. I am drop-jawed by the loveliness of Silves! I love that opening mural – the largeness of it, and the images portrayed. As much as I am taken by the smaller boxed murals of the fishing scene (are the boxes for real, or are they painted in?).

    And then that Zabaglione Cake!!!! I was just talking about Zabaglione with Loving Husband a couple of days ago – I don’t care much for the lightness & texture of it, but in a cake, those flavours would be heaven!


    • I loved it from the first time I saw the place, Ju-Lyn, and there have been a few changes since then. I like real towns, rather than places for the tourists, and Silves manages to combine both extremely well. I’m looking forward to spending the evening there tomorrow as I’ve never seen it lit up at night and the castle will be floodlit. The electricity boxes used all to be grey and boring, but look at them now! And I might have that cake again, it was so good! Thanks, darlin! Have a lovely weekend!


  12. Well, I see you’ve begun a new blog, which I’m quite late in acknowledging. It’s good to see you’re still publishing your wonderful Monday Walks. I love seeing all the sunshine, the colors, the cultural bits, the architecture…and the treats! This one doesn’t disappoint. πŸ˜‰ Jealous again. πŸ™‚


    • I needed to move on, Lynn. But as you can see, I haven’t moved very far. πŸ€£πŸ’• Just spent another lovely day with friends. Too good to be true sometimes πŸ€—πŸ’•


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  14. Wonderful inspiring walk, so many beautiful datails. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes for you and your family.

    Understand your husband well
    – who could say no to such a good-looking apple pie. πŸ™‚


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  16. I was all ready to say ‘Happy days!’ and ‘Great art’ and ‘I’d like some of that apple pie’ but was so sorry to read about James being ill that he’s the most important part. I had to read the post three times to see how I’d missed the news and go back to re-read your last! It’s so prevalent here, he could well have got it at home. It’s a blessing that he has had his vaccines and I hope he’s soon feeling much, much better. It’s all up and down at the moment, isn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, Susan. The news wasn’t part of this post but it was prevalent in my mind when I posted. I’m not good at hiding my emotions and expressed concern to several people. James is asthmatic and is much better at taking care of other people than he is of himself. It’s normally his role to feed them, shop and take the little lad to school, so extra work is falling heavily on his partner’s shoulders. Fortunately she’s a lovely lass and is working from home to make sure he’s ok, and keeping me in the picture too. He’s not feeling great but hopefully will soon turn the corner. Sad after the wonderful times we had together, but isn’t that just life? Thanks, again!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. What beautiful artwork you find Jo. The electric boxes over here are all works of art too. Really brighten them up. Sorry to hear about your son. Hope he soon gets over it. Hopefully being double jabbed will help him recover faster.


  18. Lovely walk Jo. A great selection of art and I love the vineyard tour. It’s hard to beat one of those, especially if the end product is good. I hope your son recovers quickly and I hope you have a splendid birthday. Sounds like you have a good day planned.


    • Lagos was the star when it comes to street art but a few places are catching up. including Becky’s Olhao. That opener is something else though! Glad you like it. Belated happy birthday to you and I’ll be with you in a few minutes.


  19. Looks like a lovely place and a wine tour too! Sorry to hear about James, wonder if he caught it whilst travelling? Having the vaccine doesn’t guarantee you won’t catch it or spread it. I hope the rest of the family stay safe, I guess he’s having to self isolate at home. Alex has had bad flu, not covid according to the tests, but quite poorly. It’s good that you got to have good times with both of your adult kids. I expect the next time will be Xmas?


    • Yes, quite possibly, Jude. We blamed the weekend activities with family and friends in the UK but most people say it takes 3-5 days to develop so that would be on the journey home. His Day 2 test on Friday was negative. A shame for it to end like this. Lauren is working from home to keep an eye on him and take Logan to and from school- normally James’ job. Very fleeting Christmas visit planned.


  20. What a wonderful town and area, Jo!
    And if it’s the question of deciding between that cake and the apple pie, my answer is clear: all of the above! πŸ˜€


  21. Ooh… apple pie and ice cream for me too.
    I love the first image of the street art – you are right it’s very striking. I had to smile at your daughter’s hair matching the blue building.

    I’m sorry to hear that James has caught the virus and I hope he gets well very soon.


  22. Sorry to hear your son got Covid, hope he doesn’t feel too sick.
    That first mural is stunning, but all the electricity boxes are great too. Love the black and yellow ones with the fisherman and the Bob Marley one.
    Great wine tour too.
    I’m missing a holiday to the Algarve! Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Joanne.


  23. I loved today’s walk with you, Jo, and what a wonderful opening mural.
    Sorry to hear about James, but the vaccine should at least keep the really horrible bits away from him. So enjoy your week, and hopefully you can be more relaxed about him before the birthday strikes πŸ™‚


    • He is asthmatic, Debs, and you still hear horror stories but I’m trying not to dwell on it. Times like this you so wish you were nearby, just to help with the little fella. We had a wonderful October and it was too much to hope that it would carry on. Thanks darlin. Trying to keep busy and positive πŸ™„πŸ’•


  24. Love all of that street art Jo, these people are so talented aren’t they? I can’t draw to save my life so it always really impresses me. Really like the way they brighten up dull environments with colour and life. All that and cake!


  25. Wow, so many wonderful murals, it sure makes the world a better place!
    And fun with the hair and house, wonderful!
    I admit, we use wine but for cooking, yet in Tuscany we once had the most cutest man making us wine-tasting Nonno Dulio, he was in his 90Β΄s, and we really bought a bottle for drinking it πŸ™‚


  26. What a wonderdul day you had Jo! I love the photo of your daughter in front of the blue building – so striking and colourful! The wine tour and the beautiful grounds of the winery would be right up my street – it looks so civilised πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ What gorgeous weather you had too. Thanks so much for including my sojourn in the William Bay National Park in your walk this week – that’s so sweet of you πŸ™‚ Many happy returns of the day for this Friday too – hope you have a fabulous day! Take care and enjoy the week xx πŸ™‚ ps just seen from above that your son has tested positive to Covid – that’s no good do hope he and the rest of the family will all be fine and it’s just a very mild case.


    • Thanks, sweetheart! I’ll probably be told off for including her photo but it’s at a distance so I should get away with it! It was a fabulous couple of weeks. Just waiting to hear from James how he is this morning as Lauren has gone to work. Crazy situation as she and Logan have tested negative.

      Liked by 1 person

      • My elder daughter hates having her photo taken too Jo ! Have no idea why as she is very photogenic. It is a lovely photo of your daughter! Do hope James is going ok and that the others continue to be negative, take care xx


      • Lisa doesn’t mind if it’s a professional photo as she has modelled in the past, but she hates a random appearance on the blog πŸ€£πŸ’• Hope James is improving. Will talk later today πŸ™„πŸ’•


    • I am, indeed! I do miss the fireworks, waste of money though I know they are. We are going to Silves for an overnight stay in a hotel that faces the castle. It’s been complicated by friends leading a walk that morning in another of my favourite places, by the Guadiana. Decided to do the walk with them, have a toastie and then head for Silves in the afternoon. A walk a deux planned along the Arade on Saturday morning before we come home. Sunday there is a big gathering of us in the hills at a wonderful restaurant. I think this is called living life to the full? If only James didn’t have Covid!

      Liked by 1 person

  27. So much to ahh and ohh about in this post. What a stylish and no doubt artistic daughter you have! What an exceptional mural and all the pretty power boxes!! And birthday on Friday, yeahh! No doubt the wine tasting was most lovely as well. You do it well, living your life!


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