Precious moments

How do you hold on to happiness? I look back at the photos and remember…

An afternoon, wandering, carefree in Faro. A photographic exhibition of nebulous sea creatures. The octopus always her favourite. Graceful architecture, crumbling facades, fading street art, smoked salmon and white sangria. Giggling on the train.

For him, a morning browsing the market in Loule for presents, culminating in smiles on stepping stones and the delighted discovery of terrapins in the shallows. Hiking with us, into the hills and loving the solitude. Craft beer and tapas at the Nano brewery in Fuseta.

Holding on, till the next time.

77 thoughts on “Precious moments

  1. Sweet and precious memories and the photographs certainly help in hanging onto them. Hope all is well. Must be harder to cope given the distance that separates. Hopefully there will be many more good memories to add to the pile. πŸ₯°


  2. It’s so hard when they leave … I totally get it. I will get two of mine for Thanksgiving later this week (yay!) but then they will leave again, and who knows when the next time might be? Glad you have happy memories of the visits!


  3. Thank heavens for pictures of golden moments. I am so sorry James’s partner came down with it too. The only good thing is if they can both shake it off, their immunity should be sky high, you’d hope.


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  5. Wonderful happy memories, indeed! I am so sorry that your family has had to deal with Covid, and hoping that by the time I’m sending this later response, James’ partner is feeling much better, and no one else is ill! It must be hard to be separated, and looking at these beautiful photos, I’m sure you’re looking ahead to the freedom to be together again soon. Patience isn’t my best quality, although I suppose in some way we’ve all had to dig deep and find some!

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    • I’m pretty low on patience too, Debbie, but this past year it has been imposed. James was sounding quite cheerful in his message yesterday, and he will have hated being cooped up almost as much as I would. Amazing what we can get through when there is no choice. Thanks for your company and concern.


  6. I had a delightful time reconnecting, it sounds and looks like you had a wonderful summer and early fall. I know you had to enjoy every moment spent with family and friends.


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  8. So nice to have lovely summer memories. When my lot were down here I was in bed most of the day! My eldest granddaughter is always changing the colour of her hair, blue, green, purple! I wonder when it will all fall out! Lisa does look lovely though, her clothes are always so unique. Must take after her elegant mother 😘 I bet everyone stops to stare at her in the street. Sorry to hear Lauren now has Covid. Let’s hope the vaccine is stopping it from being too awful, but it is a worry that double vaccines are not preventing folk from catching it. Hope the little lad remains clear. We have our third jabs booked for the end of the month. Gonna feel like a pincushion soon!


    • There was a lot of eye rolling and giggling going on on the train to Faro because the conductor kept coming back to tell her how beautiful she was. πŸ€£πŸ’• This was just last month and it still feels like summer here, till it gets to 4 or 5 o’clock. You ok at the moment then? πŸ€”πŸ’•

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