Jo’s Monday walk : Bemposta

The weeks are flying by, and walking season is well and truly here. If you followed Restlessjo you might remember a local ‘walking for health’ initiative, Todos a Caminhar– Let’s all walk! I enjoyed the sense of camaraderie with these Sunday morning walks, but understandably they have been a victim of Covid. Now, what could be healthier than striding off into the fresh morning air of the hills? The council at Faro obviously feel the same way, for they have begun to host a monthly walk, Faro a Andar. Just a toe in the water at first? Always curious about new walking territory, 4 of us brave warriors went along one Sunday a few weeks ago.

Not entirely new territory, as the starting point for this walk was in the village of Estoi, not very far away. The direction, we knew to be up into the hills. With a huge sense of anticipation, we gathered in the town square- a mixed group, many Portuguese, some French, a few Italians, and us. Maintaining respectful distances, of course. The presence of a number of children in the group reassured us that the walk would not be too difficult. Quite wrong, for they were like young mountain goats!

Our walk leaders, on the steps of Estoi Mother Church

After a brief introduction and a warm up, off we went, threading out of the village in an orderly fashion. I admired one or two handsome homes, but then we were onto the trail proper and beginning a steady ascent. Those young goats easily overtook us. Still, there was no pressure to go at pace, and the walk leaders kept a watchful eye when someone appeared to be flagging. Stopping to drink water and admire the view is always a good ploy.

The trees were speckled with gold and amber coloured medronho berries, used to make the local firewater, and a little cautious sampling went on along the way. I preferred to capture the beautiful acorns. Up and up we went, puffing and panting a little, but eventually we reached the summit and gathered around to listen to a brief history of the area and the landscape. More water was imbibed, with a few photo opportunities at the shrine, before our cheerful descent began.

We were quite relieved that they way down mostly followed an easy curve of quiet road, as the effort of descending on rough paths is often harder than the climb up. Plenty of time to admire the pomegranates and bougainvillea in the bright morning sunshine.

Back in the village of Estoi, I paused to take a few shots before joining the ‘cool down’ and collecting my free orange. The walk leaders were friendly and encouraging and we gladly accepted a copy of the programme for the coming months.

Do you ever have that feeling of running to keep up? Yesterday we took part in our second walk, from the village of Santa Barbara de Nexe. Another beauty! And I decided I needed to post this walk before I fall far behind. The Faro a Andar walks take place on the third Sunday of the month and everyone is made very welcome.

walking logo

Such a fabulous selection of Autumn colour from Terri!

Sunday Stills:#Leaves have Fallen from the #Trees

And Sarah’s take on the challenge :

Ruislip Woods: ancient woodland in suburbia

Pit is definitely up for a challenge. This isn’t at all how I picture Texas!

Lost Maples State Natural Area October 2021: My hike on the East Trail

Jo and Jonno are pretty intrepid walkers. This is a nice selection :

Towpath Trails

Eunice doesn’t have to go very far to find an interesting walk. Love the stone stairways!

An autumn walk round Rivington Gardens

While Drake remains triumphant in Paris :

Walk in triumph

And Jude shows us more garden splendour :

Garden Portrait: The Chalice Well and Gardens

An almighty thunderstorm at the weekend was followed by clear blue skies. With cooler temperatures, walking season is truly upon us. Hope I can keep up! Take care till the next time.

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  6. Looks like a delightful walk. I’ve been getting back to walking after a summer of morphing into a slug. My blood pressure seems to be recovering. Amazing what a walk can do! 😉


  7. Jo, wow! I love the sound of the walking season – even more so in such beautiful surroundings, warm sunshine and an interesting mix of people! It was funny how you all thought it would be an easy walk with the children present! 😀 The bougainvillea is a riot of colour. Here I’ve just come back from a walk, yes, in the sun but bitterly cold and needed both hat and hood! (But I’m a softie and feel the cold!) Enjoy your walks and thank you for sharing them here – I love trailing along!😀


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  9. This is a lovely idea, especially as they accommodate walkers of all abilities 🙂 Yes, stopping to admire the view is a good ploy, as is taking photos! I love all of yours but especially that last set in the village, as they just sum up Portugal for me 😀

    I have a short walk for you this week. Well, actually the contents reflect a whole weekend of walking but as I only got home on Monday and am playing catch-up the post is short!


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  13. I would really enjoy being part of a walking group, especially if the hike and trails explored the level of beauty and diversity that you show in your photos, Jo. I do a lot of “lone” wandering, but the camaraderie would be really lovely. I’m glad things have opened up enough for you to be able to enjoy your local touring-on-foot again! 🙂


  14. Thanks for that post, Jo. For me, it is a reminder that I should really walk more – not only hikes in places like Lost Maples [thanks, btw, for mentioning my blog-post and publishing the link], but also generally on a daily basis here.
    Have a wonderful week,


    • We walk most days, which sometimes results in a surfeit of walks to post, Pit. I hadn’t intended to post this week, but when I looked at what I have outstanding I thought I’d better get a wiggle on! 🤣💕


  15. Lovely walk, Jo. Beautiful details and the village is so photogenic. I confess I’m not much for group walks. I tend to walk by myself. I make a bad companion, striding out with long legs and then pausing for half an hour to photograph bugs!


    • I know what you mean, Graham, and having to go at someone else’s pace can be a pain. These walks are to promote health and exercise and are fairly social. When I walk with a small group of friends I’m often to be found striding ahead to admire the view with no people in it, or straggling along behind. I seldom walk alone. Sadly I need my husband to keep me on track!


  16. Well done, Jo! I see that we share the berries but I have not heard of any firewater to be made of them around here… (As IF I chat with locals much.) Here’s to future walks! (Just curious, are the walks free? Or a small sum? There are some initiatives around here but they want 15 Eur or so. I’m Slovenian. We walk for free. :D)


  17. Ah the false sense of security with the presence of children who undoubtedly raced ahead and came back and off again. A lovely walk thanks Jo. The collage at the end is my favourite from this walk 🙂 🙂


  18. What a wonderful walk, Jo! Thanks for sharing my link! I’m always so happy to see your posts because of the nostalgia it brings me for San Diego in the wintertime. We’re not sure if we will make it south this winter, so I must live vicariously through your warm images. How nice to be able to take a guided walk with a group and continue to learn new things in the area. I love that bougainvillea and the images of that beautiful quaint church with whitewash and blues! Smiling away here today!


    • The prospect of a walk we don’t already know is a great enticement, Terri. This week we had windmills and beautiful blue skies. I’ll get round to that one eventually. It’s nice to share a bit of sunshine and enthusiastic company. Thanks a lot!

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Sounds like a lovely walk Jo. I love the colourful tile picture, it’s very pretty, and the idea of the free orange at the end made me smile 🙂 Thanks for including me in the list, I must try to find time over the next day or so to visit everyone else’s walks.


    • There aren’t too many walks to visit, Eunice, and some of them you may well have seen, depending on who you follow. Estoi is a village with many charms and the walk leaders were really enthusiastic and nice people. Have a good week!


    • Faro is the nominal capital of the Algarve, Sheetal. A rather nice old town with the Cathedral at its heart and the marina, from which boats go out to the islands. Not to be confused with my Praia de Faro from last week. The modern town is less attractive, but that’s often the case.


    • It seemed a long, long way up, Jude. We were Guinea pigs for our group of friends and it was much steeper than we expected. So long as you stopped to catch your breath it was manageable. It was a bit overcast and I didn’t get any wonderful views to share, unlike yesterday which was beautiful. I hate scree and yes, I do carry a pole sometimes. Especially if there’s water to cross or a steep descent. I often don’t have the pole when I need it as I don’t like carrying one, preferring my hands free for photos. 🤗💕💕


      • Yes, poles are a nuisance when trying to take photos! It sounds like these walks / routes need some kind of rating. Good of you to be willing guinea pigs 😊


      • To be fair, the leaflet does give some guidance, and if you follow the Faro a Andar link it includes a walking trails booklet, with maps and height ranges etc., from which I think these walks have been taken. Only of use if you live here or are spending time in the area.

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  20. How lovely! The pomegranates and bougainvillea make your walk so familiar to the walks I take here. The shrines less so! Stopping to drink and admire the view is also a good trick of mine 🙂


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