The last laugh

At this time last week I was Having a giggle. I should have known that Becky would have the last laugh. I really wanted to Reblog her post, but I couldn’t find a way to do it. Who’d have thought those numbers and squiggles could be turned into such an impressive cat? The artists, I now know, are João Frazão, aka Homo Sapien and Renato Brito, aka Exame de Consciência. Thanks so much for doing the research, Becky.

If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, or even if you do, please pay her a visit. Life is like a river, isn’t it? I’ll be heading up there to see the cat and a rather beautiful kingfisher as soon as I can.

58 thoughts on “The last laugh

  1. Pleased to see the follow up Jo and went over to look at Becky’s post. Love murals and found it interesting to see it finished. Sorry to hear Mick isn’t too well at the moment. Hope it is only a 24/48 hour thing. We had quite a bizarre side affect from the booster jab. Left me staggering around and feeling as though i was going to fall over. But it was only a 24 hour thing. Ok now. Did I spot suggestions of house buying? Are you moving again? Are you enjoying the tennis? Our Aussies are doing quite well to the delight of the crowds.


    • Loving the tennis, Pauline. Watching Rafa right now. It’s our son who is trying to buy his first house, hon. Not been easy so far but we think he’s got it. His birthday today and it would be his best present ever. Think it’s just a stomach bug with Mick. He had his first night’s proper sleep last night so I’m hoping he’ll be chirpy when he gets up. 🤗💟

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  2. With all going on here I’m running behind missed Becky’s post. So I went there, enjoyed it, and tried to comment, but WP was having none of it. Sigh. At any rate, I enjoyed both posts and also the chat between you two about reblogs. I’ve wondered about that, as I’ve had my posts reblogged without anything being said about where the reblog came from. Although WP asks me to approve, the post is already there on the other blog, so I’m not sure what good it does to not approve. My solution so far has been to go to that blog, like, and then comment, thanking them for reblogging my post and inviting visitors to visit my blog. I guess some people are just clueless about the considerate way to do things.


    • There is a certain level of courtesy, isn’t there? I’m not troubled by the pinching of my work on here. Just one of the reasons I moved on for, Janet. Glad you saw Becky’s post because I don’t know when I’ll get up there myself.

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  3. Thanks for the link to Becky’s post, it’s wonderful to see how these beautiful murals come together. I’m in awe of anyone who can paint well, but even more so when they do it on such a large scale!


    • I can never remember who follows who, Sarah, so this was the only way I could think to do it. Not sure when we’ll get up that way. Husband hasn’t been well and our busy schedule is all over the place at the moment.


  4. Jo, the kingfisher is beautiful and such a reminder of England I imagine, we saw quite a few on canal holidays! It’s great Becky could fill you in about the cat … slightly spooky and goodness, those piercing eyes! It is wonderful with the amazing street art and that it’s so popular in rural as well in urban areas! I know many areas locally that could do with a bit of brightening up in this creative manner! 😀


  5. Hi Jo hope all is well! Wilting here in a heatwave – just managed to get a new post up and saw you had just put one up too! I’ll check out the link you mention too. I’m just about to Skype my dad so will be back later to catch up and read through your latest posts. Hope you have a lovely weekend and catch you soon xx 🙂


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