Or should I more correctly say door furniture? It’s much less personal, and less prone to cause embarrassment if you then ask one knocker, or two? In the back of my head I can hear Frankie Howerd saying ‘titter yee not, missus!’ And the cause of this merriment? Brian, own up! But it’s my own fault for listening in to other folks’ conversations in the comments. Sorry, Sue! Anyone else have this unfortunate habit? Guilty as charged, m’lud! Meanwhile…. how about this pair?

Great, aren’t they? Could be the start of a series. Hope I haven’t offended anyone with my Monday chuckle!

76 thoughts on “Knockers!

      • I hope you’re feeling better today. Is it because you’re staying up all nights to watch tennis? I would chuckle but I’m just the same: this morning at 4 am I’ll be watching Luka DončiΔ‡ play basketball for Dallas Mavericks in the NBA. πŸ˜€


      • A lot better, and yes, Rafa does get me out of bed early sometimes , but he’s worth it. I’m a natural early riser anyway, while my husband prefers his pillow. But he spent most of last week with a stomach bug and I had flu the rest of it. What a pair! Speaking of knockers….

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  1. Oh Jo, you are priceless, loved this, and yes I do enjoy reading comments as much as the post. I do lament the demise of all those classic British comedians. Political correctness and the urge for suing people for any reason has killed them off. Well maybe not them but their so funny shows. Should be an entertaining night of tennis tonight.


  2. The knockers are lovely.
    I’m like you, I almost always read the comments of others and frequently join in the conversations. Hope you feel a bit better soon.


  3. I fell like saying “… and knockers to you, too” but maybe shouldn’t. Lovely knockers and something we don’t see much of these days what with phone-entry doors, electric doorbells, and now the ‘instant recognition’ entry systems. I had a lovely old brass knocker on my former house which was about the only thing I polished (not being in favour of wasting time on polishing stuff) but when the house was sold the new owner took it off as being unnecessary. Such a shame.


  4. Your first couple of sentences have just given me a good giggle to start the day Jo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I loved Frankie Howerd in Up Pompeii, and very strangely so did my mum who was a church goer and quite straight-laced. Andrew’s comment made me laugh too, and quite coincidentally there’s a hardware shop in Dublin called Knobs and Knockers, I took a photo of it a couple of years ago. I do like ornate door furniture and I love the first one πŸ™‚


  5. This reminded me of a friend that I once worked with. She was restoring a Welsh dresser and using the work internet service she searched on knobs and knockers. She got some very unexpected results and had a lot of explaining to do to the IT department!

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    • Andrew, I had a similar experience in my computer class when teaching a class of eleven year olds. The research word I gave the class was Slavery… and what a mistake that was! Let’s just say whips featured heavily, but not in the way I’d expected!

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      • The class teacher had said the new topic was Slavery and asked if I would fit in some research into my IT lesson.

        I told the class the new topic without thinking about what if would bring up.
        I was surprised that we didn’t get parents on the phone complaining.

        The local authority had child security on Our server, so technically the images should have been blocked.
        I changed the search term to the β€˜Black Slave Trade.’ and we had no further problems.

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    • Andrew, I too had an interesting experience at work once. The picture book my students were studying was the much loved “Willie the Chimp” and I did a search online at work for Willie the Chimp activities. It came up with patterns for knitted willy warmers!! Not what I was expecting. I made sure to let my boss know in case the Integrity Unit came calling.

      Jo, I love your knockers!!

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  6. Haha, loved the reminder of Frankie Howerd πŸ˜† And also the photos – doors and door furniture are a favourite photography subject of mine and never more so than in Portugal!


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