Taking flight

The fleetingness of a life,

Here today then gone.

Trailing gossamer memories

With hope built upon.

Radiant panorama.

The poetic speculations came much later. I was looking for some ray of hope for the future to match with this beautiful scene. I wish I still kept a diary because so many occasions blur with time. This was a gathering at a lovely friend’s house. I expect she’ll recognise it, and can prompt me about which of us were there. See you on Monday for another walk.

72 thoughts on “Taking flight

  1. such beautiful thoughts, Jo – to go with that colorful photo (and you are right about how journals can often help us remember events or times with more clarity – but we cannot keep all the journals forever – hmmm)


      • Not sure if you remember the blogger photographer Helen Chen, she is not active right now but when she was – active she shared that she reached a certain age and burned all of her journals in a small fire.
        I might do that with mine – or just shred them. or just toss em –
        but before I do I will sift for some nuggets to keep – πŸ™‚
        and you should take journaling back up again (even if you do not keep the notebooks or files)
        I journal almost every day and it really is like a friend – I missed today though = but I have days where I write a lot.


      • Yes, I remember. Even when she stopped blogging she still popped in for a visit now and then. There are some people I really miss. Do you remember Poppytump? Maybe not in your circle and didn’t post often but very beautiful photos.
        Funnily enough I do keep a diary when I go traveling, which of course is where it all started. And usually if the youngsters visit, to record every precious moment. In April we’re going north on a trip so the pen will be busy then.

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    • There is a hint of melancholy, Tina, and you’re right, it is at odds with the photo. I was grasping at hope for the planet, through the barrage of bad news we often have to fend off. On a personal level things are good for us right now, and I hope I haven’t caused you to worry. The photo reflects another glorious day with friends. Today’s walk in the almond blossom will be much more cheerful.


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  3. Stunning capture, Jo! such lovely light, and that butterfly … wow.
    And I love the poem – you captured the scene and a depth of feeling. My favourite phrase “trailing gossamer memories” – so delightful and wistful at the same time.


  4. Beautiful picture and uplifting words Jo. Only way is to stay positive. Hope the tummy bug has cleared now. Did you see that fantastic performance by the Special K’s yesterday? How special is 4 Aussies through to double’s final. I think the tennis is really lifting Aussie spirits at the moment.


  5. What a beautiful expression of both thoughts & photo. Hope is so essential to our well being. My hope is that your heart is feeling a little lighter my friend. πŸ’•


  6. Jo, you brought warmth and joy straight into my home and heart today – I LOVE the photo, the serenity of the butterfly, the bright sparkle of the bougainvillaea and wow, the hint of the valley below! Your poem is tender and reflective, written with a wonderful soft touch and I keep returning to the phrase, ‘Trailing gossamer memories’. Beautiful and terrific writing!


  7. Beautiful photo – can’t beat a bougainvillea with a butterfly visitor! As Margaret says, stay clear of UK politics if you want a lift – although in a bizarre way I’m finding entertaining as well as depressing!


  8. Are you feeling a little low today? I hope you feel brighter tomorrow.
    As for a diary, why not give Day One a try. I’ve used it on my iPad for many years. Automattic (WordPress) recently purchased it, so not sure whether that’s good or bad. Anyway, it’s a handily thing to have.


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