Just Fuseta… impressions

The first is one of my favourite photos ever of Fuseta. Or is it Fuzeta? I never know, but the old photo of the railway station would seem to indicate the second. A dual personality almost sums up this place. As you approach the town from the E125 you drive over the railway lines, passing the railway station labelled Moncarapacho – Fuseta, yet Moncarapacho lies some 6km inland from Fuseta. Three minutes away by train, Fuseta-A station is at the back of this small town, and you might never know it was there.

A campsite fronts the riverbeach, giving the place an air of impermanence, but on a quiet winters day, with the sun on your back, you might want to linger. The old lifeboat station is a poignant sight, out in the bay, but I really like to browse among the boats moored along the river. Most are primed for action, others hauled out of the water, in varying stages of disrepair. In ramshackle contrast with the state of the art, solar-powered luxurious lady at anchor, who waits to play hostess to a romantic sunset on the water.

The best bit, for me, is the ride out to Armona, reclining gracefully there on the horizon. As she clears the river mouth, the ferry gathers speed. Glides past the lifeboat station and chugs across to the ilha. Lobster pots lurk by the landing stage, and the boardwalk carries you to yet another beautiful, ocean washed beach. Back on dry land, the Algarve cycle track runs for miles through the salinas. There’s always somewhere to wander here.

73 thoughts on “Just Fuseta… impressions

  1. The bays look beautful along the coast Jo – I hadn’t realised how many sand spits there were in this part of Portugal. I looked Fuseta up on the map as was trying to work out where Mlle had stayed a few years ago (it was Tarifa in southern Spain, which I get muddled up with Tavira!). I know she got the ferry over to Morocco, which is close to Europe at that point. Beautiful photos – hope all is well with you and yours xx


  2. Well if a meander is in order, this looks like a fine place to have one Jo! Loved your mini tour – of course had never heard of the place but I suspect that’s true for most of us! Thanks for bringing us along.


  3. Your evocative words and pictures are just what I need. I smiled at the tree stump, left there so boats can be tethered. You’re lucky to have the local railway stops, as are we, although the next one up is a request stop these days. I always marvel at the once a day passenger train that hoots its way through my sweetheart’s city on its way from Chicago to New Orleans.


    • At sleepy Castro Marim, close to the Spanish border, the train stops just a couple of times a day- early morning, and evening. For the workers. I know this because I have friends who live there, but I suspect there are another couple of stations just the same. Plans are afoot to electrify the line and make a high speed link to Seville, but nothing happens quickly here. Thank goodness! Enjoy your Sunday, Susan. Dry enough to potter in the garden?

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  4. It looks and sounds so lovely there, and especially inviting at the moment when you have a real feeling of spring in the air that’s still tantalisingly just out of reach here! I really must get back to that coast one day πŸ™‚


    • This is a lovely time of year here, Sarah, though Spring can still play hide and seek with us. It’s a little bit moody this weekend and some good friends have family staying. You always want it to impress! Their daughter was here last week and loved it but they’ve brought the clouds with them. Still warm, and I’m a convert anyway.


  5. What a wonderful place to wander Jo and your poetic descriptions give me a wanderlust for the Algarve. Beautiful images. I love the last one, small boats in harbour just waiting for the opportunity to explore. I can relate to the feeling.


  6. Great post and wonderful photos, Jo πŸ₯° There’s something alluring about walking in the harbour and seeing many fishing boats parked very neatly on the pier especially if they are painted in different colours πŸ₯° thanks for sharing and have a good day ☺️ Aiva


  7. Lovely spot and the calm is soothing. I’m not a good sailor but I do enjoy short boat-trips on calm seas so that is one I could think about. The old black and white photos are especially interesting and nice to have to be able to compare. I agree with Margaret, calm does sound very good at the moment. The brick wall with slatted wood fence above it that surrounded our car-park was blown down at the weekend and is now in the next door property along with the bins from the flats.


    • I’ve seen some wicked photos of destruction in the UK, Mari. Hard to reconcile with the clear blue skies here. The trip across to the ilhas is usually flat calm and pure peace when you get there.
      I have a few black and white prints to share in a future post. I always find them interesting. πŸ€—πŸ’—


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