Jo’s Monday walk : Fonte de Benemola

This is such a magical time of year in the Algarve. Wild orchid time! Give or take a couple of weeks because it’s not a precise science. Luckily for us we were being led by a lady who’s something of an expert in flora and fauna, and her timing was spot on!

Some days are simply exuberant. The weather had been a little ‘mixed’, but the skies were clearing and heavy rain had guaranteed that the ‘fonte’ would be brimming. And so it was!

Stopping to eye up a rusted pump, I smiled at the shadows created through the single remaining wall of a ruin, before stepping out into bright sunshine. The path was damp and a little slippy in places but so worth the effort. The play of sunlight on the water through dappled shade was almost ethereal. Newly created ‘stepping stones’ give access to the opposite bank.

O Olho – the Eye

A dell fit for fairies, because what came next is purely magical. We had been watching the grass verges in hopes of sighting wild orchids, which thrive in this damp environment, and suddenly they were there in abundance. The bee orchid, quite hard to spot initially, and the naked man, flaunting his finery for all to see. We peered at them from all angles, amazed at the ingenuity of nature.

And then we were on our companionable way, trading reminiscences and memories, yet keeping a watchful eye, greedy for orchids.

The hills rolled away, and in the distance I thought I could see the outline of Rocha da Pena while, close at hand, vivid pink rock cistus lined the trail. Chunks of rock littered the grass, as though forgotten in a giant game of jacks.

No shortage of plants to admire, nestling in the woodland shade. Before we knew it we were back at the parking.

Fonte de Benemola, PR16, is a relatively short 4.5km walking trail, off EM524 between Tor and Querenca. For beauty and variety it’s hard to beat at this time of year. No cake! It’s not easily available in this location, but I do have a rather special share.

Chocolate fudge, anyone? Not my birthday any time soon, but this weekend we paid a visit to a lovely couple, in Obidos. The fudge is one of many memories we shared, from their days in the Algarve.

Prague twinkles like a star at night. You’ll enjoy it with Teresa :

Tour of Imperial Europe

I do love a river! And so does Anabel :

Border Break 4: Tweed and Teviot

Terri’s doing her best to keep us fit. Let’s get walking!

Fitness Friday: Five Popular Ways to Track your #Fitness Progress

Are you ready for Mel’s next adventure? Here goes!

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Feel the heat with Sarah, in colourful Costa Rica :

A short (hot} walk around Guiones

The Pyrenees make a fabulous backdrop :

Salty sand walk

Carcassonne! It looks forbidding but it’s always been a dream of mine, Drake :

History turn green

Helen is always so upbeat and cheerful! The English countryside obviously agrees with her, despite the grizzly tale :

Combe Gibbet, Gallows Down & Ham Village

I don’t plan to be around the blog much in the next couple of weeks. I’m fulfilling a long cherished dream to be in Braga at Easter, and to travel a little in the north of Portugal. Take good care till I’m back!

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