Easter Sunday

I’m far from home on this Easter Sunday, but I know exactly what I’m missing. A beautiful celebration of life in São Brás de Alportel. I know my friends will have a wonderful time there.

What to wish for today? World peace? Who wouldn’t wish for that? To family and friends everywhere, may you share peace and joy this Easter. I’m thinking of you.

80 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. Easter Sunday may have passed but Happy Easter all the same Jo I had to do some digging around in WP to find you Lol It sounds like a lovely break you’re having way up in the north … lots of Port tastings maybe in the Douro region 😉 Good to read you managed to see off Covid too xx


    • Sorry to give you grief, Poppy! I seem to have become anonymous but I quite like it. 🤗💟 Currently in a beautiful apartment in Lamego and not sure if I will find the energy to go down the hill for supper. Certainly not for coming back up 🤣💗 Hope you had a lovely one xx


  2. I doubt there has ever been World peace, but I do like Brian’s suggestion! If only! Meanwhile we just have to keep positive and not let world events get us down. Enjoy your walk. And the wine. Off to walk the dog now, and not by the river!!


    • Loving Brian’s idea. The walk was beautiful. Sitting by the river watching the rowing boats. Vaguely reminiscent of Durham but the Douro scenery surrounding us is sublime 🤗💗


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