Jo’s Monday walk : Óbidos lagoon

What could be better than a sunny walk round a beautiful lagoon, with old friends who are happy to share their joy in a new home? The forecast was for rain, so we felt ourselves truly blessed. Did you see my Saturday post? Óbidos is a lovely little town, but we had been reluctant to believe that our friends would make the move north from their sunny Algarve home. So, when we decided that this was the year to finally witness Easter in Braga, it seemed the perfect stop off on our drive. And what a welcome we received! They had worked hard on the new place and we were their first visitors. We felt very honoured, and they were determined to show us exactly why they had moved.

By pure chance we were staying at Casa de Relogio, the same small hotel in the town walls that we had stayed in 10 years previously, in a grey, cool November. Though we had loved the Medieval Fair on that occasion, the other half had gout and limped painfully around the cobbles. And believe me, those cobbled streets are steep! Looking out on the surrounding countryside, bathed in sunshine, we could hardly believe our luck. We dropped our bags off and went to meet our friends, who whisked us off to the local beach at Foz do Arelho. A lovely spot, we had to agree, but it was Palm Sunday afternoon and it felt like half of Portugal were sharing the promenade with us. There are always compensations, though, and on our return to the hotel we were just in time to witness the Palm Sunday procession pass below us, from the roof terrace, while enjoying a complimentary glass of Ginja!

Fast forward to the following day, a swift shower caught us out but, by the time we’d had coffee, blue was creeping back into the sky. Raincoats at the ready, we set off for the shoreline opposite to Foz no Arelho, the lagoon at Óbidos. Nothing could be further removed from yesterday’s bustling promenade. In the distant past the lagoon is believed to have extended all the way to the town but, nature being prone to rearranging shorelines, today you need to drive there. The lagoon has an approximate area of 6.9 square kilometres and is surrounded by beautiful pine forests.

I seemed to be fixated on the roped fence which kept us from straying from the path, but the lagoon was flat calm and peace itself. We watched in fascination as a couple of divers bobbed to the surface, unsure for what they were fishing- clams, cockles, mussels, shrimp and green crab are all found in these waters, along with octopus and eels.

Rounding the shoreline we came upon a bridge. A few families had joined us by now, getting the youngsters out to burn off energy. Snippets of conversation, mostly in Portuguese, drifted to us through the silence. Nature was all around us, sublime in her beauty.

The lagoon is affected by the tides, a sand bar helping to mitigate the force of the Atlantic, just around the bay. We were hopeful that the restaurant at the end of the trail would be open but, it being a Monday, we were a little unsure. Huge smiles wreathed our faces as we toasted each other and the future, before setting off back around the trail.

A gentle breeze had started to blow and some youngsters were practising their kitesurfing skills in a shallow area of the bay. We watched for a while and chatted to one of them, who assured us it was great fun, if a little tricky at times. The landings certainly didn’t all seem to go to plan.

A family pootled about at the water’s edge as we made our way back to the beginning of the trail. Still fixated on frayed rope. The distance was about 8km there and back, but there are numerous trails through the woods if you wanted to explore further.

We could definitely see the attraction of the area. Can you? Here’s to friendship and many more meet ups.

No place like home, so I simply have to start with Sarah. Such a shame we didn’t meet :

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I know some of you are going to bemoan the lack of cake! Hilary stuffed us full of her incredible curry, and there was dessert but I was too tired (or inebriated) to take the shot. Have a good week, all, and I’ll be back soon.

82 thoughts on “Jo’s Monday walk : Óbidos lagoon

    • Sounds good, Sarah. I’m currently struggling with my media library. I need to consider deleting or resizing and it’s not an issue I thought I’d encounter just yet. Be with you in a while.


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  2. Double the pleasure Jo meeting up with friends in their new home town and a lovely walk around that lagoon with all of its distractions… frayed rope inc …you could have added a macrame knot or two ! I like the sound of Ginja from your description there Jo 😉


    • No worries, Sarah. I’m sticking with the fortnightly Jo’s Monday walk but I will have additional posts about the area we visited. It gives me a bit more variety. My life is back on mainstream here, walking 2 or 3 times a week so I will keep up as best I can 🤗❤️


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  5. Looks a lovely place to visit with the lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation. It’s good when friends move to new places, any excuse for you to visit and explore some more.


  6. The lagoon walk sounds lovely Jo – the pictures are delightful. Obidos looks so pretty too with the cobbled streets and old buildings. How lovely you could catch up with your friends again – I remember your post when you were toasting them farewell from Tavira. I think you went on to Braga in the north afterwards? Mlle is going to a wedding in a winery down the Douro in September – she’s starting off at Porto I’m sure it will be idyllic! I’m just sending the link to my recent post as it is a walk (no pressure to include!) Take care and have a lovely week xx 🙂


  7. How wonderful to have the special time with your friends, Jo. I can definitely see why this area, and this beautiful lagoon, would speak to you! I find it particularly enticing being surrounded by forest area. It really is a special place. 🙂


  8. I can definitely see the attraction in this part of the world, I can imagine some long walks with The Wolf in those parts. How lovely to meet up with old friends too; those true friendships are to be treasured.


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  10. You had me at lagoon surrounded by pine forests! What a wonderful treat to see old friends and walk along the beach with them, and enjoying Palm Sunday and its celebrations no less, Jo! This area is beautiful and seems to be calm amidst the families and crowds.


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  12. Your images are spectacular and very inviting Jo. From the busyness of Palm Sunday to the serenity of the lagoon, it all looks so lovely. The trees are beautiful. Such joy to wander in nature. Curious on Ginja, never heard of it. Have a beautiful week Jo!


  13. What a wonderful walk Jo … from the processions to the serene walk along the lagoon! I love the images of the trees and of course the beautiful sight of the lagoon. Such lovely photo’s!
    It reminds me a bit of our own lagoon here in Langebaan! I just mentioned to Sarah yesterday that I should do a Monday walk along our lagoon to share with you guys …


  14. I’ve seen the lagoon on various ‘relocation abroad’ programmes but only brief bits of it so i enjoyed this walk. It looks like a lovely place and I particularly like the last photo and the larger shot with the kite surfers.


    • Have you, indeed? I don’t watch those programmes since I came to live here so it was a complete surprise to me. Happy for our friends that they chose such a good location 🤗💟


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