Living the dream

It was an emotional rollercoaster, that first year. How did I end up here? Let me remind you of the story so far.

Three months on….

The beauty of the salinas in late Spring

Six months on…

The drama of shadows in strong sunlight

A year on…

Who’d have thought the prickly pear could be so pretty?

When living the dream goes pear-shaped

Subtle, but interesting

The dream was given a good hard shake. I’m still here, in the Algarve, but with a few more doubts.

8 thoughts on “Living the dream

  1. Yes, friends you’ve known from youth, or even early married life, can’t be replaced. I think a lot of us have learned these lessons through Covid, and learned to appreciate family more as well. It is so difficult to follow the dream these days in the face of some faceless thing that can come along to destroy that dream.


  2. sorry, one more thought! We also have our daughter to consider. She had said that she might be moving to California next year. So I thought, well, she’s moving anyway, we may as well move too……yea, so many things to consider. At this moment in time, I don’t see us moving to Spain. I guess we’ll see what the next year brings. We’re definitely going to make a trip after I retire next spring and I can’t wait!!


    • I thought people were moving away from California and that there are a number of problems there, but it’s a different world if you’re young and you go where the work is. Good luck with your decision, whatever you choose. 🤗💕


  3. ah, why didn’t I see this last night? I was probably too tired. anyhoo, I read through your posts here and boy can I relate! Not to the moving abroad but the feelings that you shared, that pit in your stomach. I picture myself having that pit in my stomach and it really scares me 😦 I didn’t build up friendships for 15 years like you did and I hardly know anyone. There was a man I had befriended on TripAdvisor but he died this year 😦 I have another blogging friend but she lives in Madrid. It’s so much farther for me to move to Spain and then we have our cat which further complicates things. We keep going back and forth between either moving or staying here and then just go to Spain for three months during the winter(and bring our cat with us?). And do that for as long as we can? Hire our neighbor to remove the snow from our roof and make sure our pipes don’t burst? So many questions…….For you, I wonder if the pandemic hadn’t separated you from your family, would you feel differently? So many things to consider……we’ve had this dream for so long and now that the time is upon us, we’re just not sure.


    • Certainly Covid has changed my outlook. Not only that but Brexit too. We made so many friends through our walking community and feel lucky that we did because group activities need much more care and caution now. We have lovely neighbours but friends you have known from your youth can’t be replaced, Toby. The Algarve has given us a wonderful lifestyle but most people we know still have a place ‘back home’. I can’t remember where in Spain your place is but it’s certainly a long way from the States. I have some lovely American friends too 🤗💕

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      • We don’t have a place in Spain but we’re in love with Malaga and that’s where we thought we wanted to retire. Definitely a long way from here! My friends from my youth are scattered but I do have a few close friends here that I would definitely miss. So much to consider……I said that already didn’t I? 😁

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